Michael (ex_manzano814) wrote in boomslang,

"Boomslang" review from Maxim magazine, March 2003

by Jim Howlett

A founding member of The Smiths, a one-hit wonder, and a Beatle's kid walk into the studio. No, this isn't a joke. Marr, whose solid riffs helped Morrissey's whining go down easier, and his band, The Healers (Ringo Starr progeny and Who drummer Zak Starkey and former Kula Shaker bassist Alonza Bevan), have pulled together a strong debut album that at best recalls U2 minus the self-importance ("Down on the Corner") and at worst sounds like the dull hum in your brain ("Your Are the Magic"). The punch line? Boomslang mostly rocks.

Rating: ****
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